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Gulauri Milky Nail Blooming Ink Set of 9 (19 - 27)

Gulauri Milky Nail Blooming Ink Set of 9 (19 - 27)

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Introducing the New Release Gulauri Milky Blooming Ink, a game-changer for all your nail art, resin, and craft projects! This exceptional ink set is designed to elevate your creativity and unlock limitless possibilities. With two sets of nine stunning and unique colors, your artistic ventures will reach new heights!

Each color in the Milky Blooming Ink set is carefully crafted to deliver a mesmerizing effect that will captivate the eyes. Whether you're a professional nail artist, a resin enthusiast, or a passionate crafter, these inks will effortlessly transform your projects into breathtaking masterpieces.

The milky texture of these inks adds depth and dimension to your designs, creating a blooming effect that is simply enchanting. From dreamy pastels to bold and vibrant hues, the Milky Blooming Ink set offers a diverse range of colors to suit every style and occasion. Unleash your imagination and let these inks be the secret ingredient that takes your creations to the next level.


Not only do these inks provide exceptional aesthetics, but they also boast a user-friendly formula that makes them a joy to work with. The smooth consistency allows for easy application, ensuring seamless blending and layering. Whether you're experimenting with nail art, resin jewelry, or any other craft project, these inks will glide effortlessly onto your canvas.

The Milky Blooming Ink set is also highly versatile, offering endless possibilities for customization. Mix and match colors to create stunning gradients, experiment with different techniques, or even combine them with other mediums for truly unique effects. The only limit is your imagination!

We understand the importance of quality materials, which is why the Milky Blooming Ink set is carefully crafted using premium ingredients with very low to no odour and fast drying.

6ml each

*27 is blender ink 

Gift boxed with colour chart included

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Customer Reviews

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Erin Clancy

I have wanted a product like the Milky Blooming Inks for a while & they did not disappoint! They are so beautiful & easy to use to create a variety of nail art.
Highly recommend.