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Builder Base Rubber Gel Nude Collection 24 colours

Builder Base Rubber Gel Nude Collection 24 colours

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Gulauri Nude Cover Rubber Base Gel is not only your foundation layer but also your colour layer. Easily strengthen and extend the natural nail or use to apply our soak off gel tips.


No odour.

Self levelling.

Available in  24 colours this builder in a bottle is perfect for the start of any nail enhancement. 

Great viscosity medium to thick, premium quality, suitable for beginner or advanced nail techs.

Beautifully presented with colour cap for easy identification.

13g bottles.


Prep the nails making sure to remove all cuticle and surface oils, shape and refine the nails. Dehydrate using our PH bond, apply Pro bond for problem lifters. Apply first coat as you would a base gel with a thin even coat and cure. Apply second coat or builder layer and cure, top with your choice of gloss or matte and cure, allow to cool and apply cuticle oil.

Education and tutorials are available by contacting us via email

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